Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic Modalities at Cardiology II, P.C.

Cardiology II, P.C. offers a comprehensive variety of in-office therapeutic modalities (methods), from the standard to the unique.
External Counter Pulsation
Originally this was only available in hospitals and Cardiology II, PC. was the first in Southwest Michigan to offer this therapy option in-office for patients with refractory chest pain and end-stage heart failure. Prior to our purchase of this equipment in 2004, the closest facility for our patients in Western Michigan was Toledo, Ohio.


Elective (and emergent) Electrical Cardio Version
“Shock the heart” to return a patient to a normal heart rhythm from an irregular heart beat.


Tilt Table Testing
This therapeutic method assists in diagnosing unexplained “blacking out” or dizziness.


Trans-Esophageal Echocardiogram
A trans-esophageal echocardiogram is the ideal imaging procedure for a patient where standard imaging is less than optimal and also for diagnosing difficult or unusual valve issues and congenital heart disease.


All of these therapeutic modalities can be performed right in our office without the need for hospitalization.