Diagnostic Studies

Comprehensive Variety of Diagnostic Studies, From the Standard to the Unique


Hemodynamic Study
A quick and easy non-invasive diagnostic study to assess a persons chest fluid and cardiac output (how much the heart is pumping)


T Wave Analysis
The newest technology and most comprehensive evaluation of a persons risk for a life threatening arrhythmia. We all know of someone who died all of sudden and unexpectedly & although the media typically makes it sound like a heart attack,  most of these events are from a life threatening irregular heart rhythm problem (an electrical instability as opposed to a pumping issue like with heart attacks).

More than 300,000 Americans die of this problem annually (physicians call it “sudden C” ). In the past, physicians have done a very poor job of diagnosing people at risk for this, and the 300,000 sudden deaths has not changed in virtually 30 years… until now!! 

Creating this technology was very difficult to accomplish but now with 90% accuracy this diagnostic study can predict if anyone is at risk for this horrific event.  In our practice alone we have found 3 individuals with a positive result and they ended up with a life saving defibrillator.

This maybe the greatest advancement in cardiology in some time from the perspective of truly saving lives. Since it is so effective in diagnosing this life threatening problems most insurance companies even approve of this type of screening up to twice annually.


The newest technology, which allows a doctor to assess the integrity of a persons artery and the likelihood of a person picking up plaque (blockage), so that intervention can be addressed early and prevent heart attacks.


Standard electrocardiogram that measures the electric activity of the heart at that moment.